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Video Editing Basic to Advance By Khyati Ma'am

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Video Editing Basic to Advance By Khyati Ma'am

What is Video Editing?
  • Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video footage to create a new work.

  • It involves selecting, sequencing, and arranging video shots, adding visual effects, transitions, and audio elements.

  • Video editing is used for creating movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos, and social media content

What will you learn?
  • In this video editing course, you will learn to use video editing software: Premiere Pro, perform basic and advanced editing techniques, edit audio elements, work with different video file formats and compression methods, and understand the production process, storytelling, and distribution. 

  • The course will prepare you for a career in video production and post-production by providing you with the skills and knowledge necessary to create high-quality videos.

How will it help you in your career?
  • Job opportunities: Learning video editing can open up various job opportunities in the film, television, advertising, and social media industries.

  • Career growth: Video editing is a dynamic field with plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement.

  • Freelancing: Learning video editing can give you the opportunity to work as a freelancer and have the flexibility to work on a project-to-project basis.

Minimum System Requirements
Processor Intel® 6th Gen or newer CPU – or AMD Ryzen™ 1000 Series or newer CPU
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1909 or later
Memory 8 GB of RAM
2 GB of GPU memory
Display 1920 x 1080

The course Curriculum
Class Number Module Topics Date

Fundamental Of Premiere


Introduction to Software & Installation --
2 Overview of the Premiere Pro interface --
3 Importing, Basic Video, Exporting --
4 Animatics/Photo Animation, Importance of Frame Rate --
5 Doubt Session --
6 A/V Track, basic editing techniques such as trimming, cutting,
and moving clips Video Transition
7 Video Transition
8 Audio Editing Basics
9 Typography & It's Importance
11 Creating basic titles and captions
12 Syncing audio with video
13 Mixing and mastering audio
14 Exporting for social media and web
15 Doubt Session

Advanced Premier Techniques


Advance Tools for Editing
17 Camera Angels
18 Importance of Pre production
19 Basics about film making
20 Doubt Session
21 Multi video/camera editing
22 Advance video effects
23 Basic Keyframing on Images
24 Keyframe animation for effects and transitions
25 Doubt Session
26 Animation on Text and mixing with audio
27 Creating and editing graphics in Photoshop
28 Importing Photoshop files
29 Using and customizing Motion Graphics templates
30 Doubt Session

Professional Workflows and Techniques


Fine Editing with Color correction and grading
32 Advanced audio effects such as noise reduction, reverb, and
delay VFX & It's Importance
33 Green Screen Removal
34 Video Resume
35 Doubt Session
36 Advance Plug ins
37 360 video editing techniques
38 Exporting for VR platforms
39 understanding different export formats and settings
40 Doubt Session
41 Understanding different export formats and settings
42 Working with broadcast and streaming requirements
43 Archiving and backing up projects
44 Portfolio Management
45 Doubt Session
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Khyati Singhal

Hi, my name is Khyati Singhal. I have more than 10 years of experience in the field of education and have worked with reputed educational institutes. Having spent a decade working in the industry, I have a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of what it takes to succeed in this field. One of the important skills I possess as a trainer is the ability to communicate clearly and simply. I aim to make learning a joyful and engaging experience. I am proud to play a role in shaping the next generation of learners and leaders, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these young minds every day.

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Video Editing Basic to Advance By Khyati Ma'am

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