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Cyber Security Course

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Cyber Security Course

Cyber Security Professional

Know your way around the Cyber Security Professional.

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Cyber security is a real challenge in the 21st century. Everything is digital these days. The ease of life due to digitalization is immense. This is one of the reasons why everybody is going digital.

If you see, with all sorts of our documents in the digital format we are quite vulnerable to data thefts. Particularly the financial front is highly targeted by attackers. Your user id and password for your bank accounts and other financial endeavors are always under threat in the digital world. 

Thankfully there is a department of Cyber security or Information security that takes care of your sensitive data and all the information that you think shouldn’t land up in the wrong hands. But that is quite a challenging role to play. With increasing threats of hackers day by day, it has become quite a challenge to keep and not only that but also to be one step ahead of the offenders.

If you like the job profile and find it both interesting and challenging then there is some good news for you and it is that you can too become Cyber security professional. The simplest way to do this is to get a Cyber Security professional certification course online from a reputed institute that can enable you to play a role to protect the digital world in some way. 

Who is a cyber security professional?

A cybersecurity professional is responsible for the provision of security in the developmental stages of software. Not only the code of the software but also the associated areas such as networks and data centers and computer hardware. 

The cyber security professional takes care of the vulnerabilities and risks associated with software and hardware. The professional needs to remain updated about the latest threats of viruses and malware and be ready with measures to tackle them. If any breach of security takes place then the cyber security professional must act immediately and thwart it.

Why choose to be a cyber security professional?

The Statistics under cybersecurity say that there is 0% unemployment. This field is highly attractive and the demand for professionals is also quite high. 

Besides that, there are also quite high pay packages that are available. The packages are high because the responsibilities of a cyber security professional are quite high as well.

Besides the above two obvious reasons the other reasons to pursue this career are listed below:

  • Growth

The growth factor is incredible in this field and you can grow in both the verticals of career and learning and that’s what makes it incredible.

You need to be good at all the skill sets and not only the security part but also in all other verticals such as network, hardware, storage, etc. 

Every day is a fresh challenge in the world of cyber security. You must keep updating yourself with the virus definitions and keep yourself abreast of the latest involvements of hackers.

With so many opportunities there is no stopping for the growth curve.

  • Variety

You don’t have any dearth of opportunities with cyber security. There are plenty of technologies that are there for you to expertise in. 

  • Impact

The whole world’s security depends upon cyber security professionals and that is a fact that matters. It is good to wear the responsibilities of the world’s security on your sleeves and be ready for any challenge that might come over.

Who should take this course?

Anyone qualified to do it can take it up. The prerequisites for this course are in the following:

  • 10+2 level from any recognized board

  • A bachelor’s degree in IT or any related field such as IT or computer science and an experience of about 2 years

  • Basic know-how of various OS such as UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems

  • Certifications in networking and/or ethical hacking

  • Knowledge programming languages

If you are looking to be a cybersecurity professional and want to take up this challenging yet enjoyable career option then you need to have the qualifications mentioned above.  

Why take a cyber security professional course at Skill24?

Skill24 is a leading institute in the field of imparting training and certifications. It is a well-known institute and is also a recognized one. There are many reasons to choose Skill24 for your professional needs, particularly the cyber security professional Ethical hacking certification.

Some of the salient features are listed below:

  • The mentors are handpicked and are experts in the said domain

  • The trends are updated and are the latest ones such as Social engineering, injection, Advanced persistent threats, SCADA hacking, Footprinting, Cryptography, and mobile hacking

  • The tools that are used are advanced such as Backtrack, Metasploit, Kismet, and Burp Site

  • Real-life case studies are imparted which are decisive in understanding concepts and trends that have been coming up over the years

Cyber Security training online certification from a reputed institute such as Skill24 will not only help you understand the concepts well but also that is going to let you handle real-world challenges well. At Skill24there are job assistance cells that help you get placed once you complete your certification.

Program Highlights

It is good to know the program highlights before you start with anything. In the same lines in Skill24the program has the following features:

  • Training imparted is online and it is live so that your convenience is not compromised

  • There are tons of learning materials, handouts, and model question papers for you so that you do not miss out on any course details

  • You will get round-the-clock assistance available to you. You can also have access to the recorded live classes and doubts learning sessions

  • Training with hands-on experience with projects and renowned trainers from the industry

  • At the last, there is job assistance as well for a complete package for students

If you are interested in Cyber Security certification then you have made the right decision. It is indispensable to have a certification if you want to start a career in Cyber Security. 

Benefits of Cyber Security professional certification course online

To be a successful cyber security professional you need to know about a plethora of technologies as mentioned above and to have first-class knowledge and hands-on same. You need to have a certification which not only leverages you towards your goal but also hustles up the entire process. That is a huge benefit that this certification provides. The Cyber Security Certification Training program is a must for those who want to advance at a high speed in the path of the cyber security domain. 

Cyber Security professional certification requires you to have a disciplined approach as good things don’t come easy so to go expert in this you at least need to devote some time every day to complete the program successfully. You need to devote at least 1 to 2 hours every day to study what has been taught in the program. If you can do it then there is no looking back and you can have a wonderful career.

Why Skill24?

Learn from the greatest faculty around the world.

25000+ 10 250+ 500+

Hiring Partners

We Assure You of Job Assistance at the End of the Program.

Program Curriculum

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

Chapter - 1 Networking

Chapter - 2 Cyber Laws and Standards 

Chapter - 3 Introduction to Cyber Security Professional 

Chapter - 4 Information Gathering 

Chapter - 5 Scanning 

Chapter - 6 Enumeration

Chapter -7 Vulnerability Scanning 

Chapter - 8 System Hacking 

Chapter - 9 Sniffing 

Chapter - 10 Malware Threat 

Chapter - 11 Denial-of-Service (DoS) 

Chapter - 12 Social Engineering 

Chapter - 13 Firewall 

Chapter - 14 Web Server Hacking 

Chapter - 15 Web Application Hacking 

Chapter - 16 SQL Injection 

Chapter - 17 Wireless Hacking 

Chapter - 18 Mobile Hacking 

Chapter - 19 Internet of Things (IoT) Security 

Chapter - 20 Cloud 

Chapter - 21 Cryptography 

Chapter - 22 Pen testing

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Cyber Security Course

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