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PowerPoint Presentation By Rohit Sir

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PowerPoint Presentation By Rohit Sir

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?
  • PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software that is a tool that every person should know in order to do up skill themselves.

  • It allows individuals to create slides with texts, images, charts and other multimedia elements to effectively convey information to an audience.

  • PowerPoint is equipped with a variety of tools and features that allow for the creation of professional looking and engaging presentations.

How Will it Help You in Your Career?
  • After completing the course you will have mastery of a software that will enable you to effectively communicate your ideas and messages to your audience.

  • Mastery in PowerPoint is highly value in workplace which will help you to communicate and complete your projects effectively.

  • Having an understanding of PowerPoint will provide you with an advantage amongst your colleagues.

What Will You Learn?
  • Course is structured in a manner that will give you a good understanding of Microsoft office.

  • Students will be well equipped with an understanding that will help them in completing and presenting any professional projects.

  • It will be a step by step guide from creating a slide to more advanced features like animations.

Classes Scheduled:-
S. No. Topics Date
1 How to use Microsoft PowerPoint --
2 What we can do in Microsoft PowerPoint --
3 All menu and tools of Microsoft PowerPoint --
4 How to start Making Presentations in PowerPoint --
5 Doubt Clearing Session --
6 Home menu - Add slide and Layouts --
7 Insert Menu – Add Tables, Pictures, Screenshots --
8 Insert menu – Add Shapes, Icons and Text Box --
9 Insert Menu - Add Audio, Video and Screen recording --
10 Doubt Clearing Session --
11 Draw Menu --
12 Design Menu - Slide Size --
13 Format Background Tool --
14 Doubt Clearing Session --
15 Transition - Part 1 --
16 Transition - Part 2 --
17 Doubt Clearing Session --
18 Animation - Part 1 --
19 Animation - Part 2 --
20 Animation - Part 3 --
21 Doubt Clearing Session --
22 Slide Show Menu --
23 Record Menu --
24 Review Menu --
25 View Menu --
26 Doubt Clearing Session --
27 How to Make Flowcharts in Presentation. --
28 Dictate and Designer tools (If available) --
29 How to Record your Presentation --
30 Doubt Clearing Session --
31 How to add Maps in Your Presentation --
32 How to make Creative Thumbnails in PowerPoint --
33 How to make Creative Thumbnails in PowerPoint --
34 How to make Creative Thumbnails in PowerPoint --
35 Doubt Clearing Session --
36 How to Make Book Cover in PowerPoint --
37 How to Make Book Cover in PowerPoint --
38 Making a Custom PowerPoint (Normal) --
39 Making a Custom PowerPoint (Normal) --
40 Making a Custom PowerPoint (Normal) --
41 Doubt Clearing Session --
42 Making a Custom PowerPoint (Hard) --
43 Making a Custom PowerPoint (Hard) --
44 Making a Custom PowerPoint (Hard) --
45 Making a Custom PowerPoint (Hard) --
46 Doubt Clearing Session --
47 Doubt Clearing Session --
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Rohit Singh

Always intrigued with the functions of Computer, I learnt everything I possibly could about MS Office. I was able to implement several animations, transition effects, and other creative uses thanks to my knowledge of MS Office. When I mastered MS Office to the fullest, my work's influence transformed. Since then, I have worked for organisations like Unacademy and Class24.

1 Course 100 Students
PowerPoint Presentation By Rohit Sir

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