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English Speaking Course By Carol Ma'am

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English Speaking Course By Carol Ma'am

What is English Speaking?
  • English speaking is very important for effective communication both in personal and professional life.

  • Properly explaining yourself and your feelings is only possible if you can speak effectively.

  • Speaker is judged on the basis of how much his listener understands and for that English communication is very helpful.

What Will You Learn?
  • I will be teaching you everything about English speaking which will enable you to establish a relationship both in personal and professional life.

  • I will be teaching you how to prepare a resume that stands out from the others.

  • I will guide and help you in how to conduct yourself for an interview.

  • Everything that is required for you to establish your foot in the world will be taught to you in this course.

How Will it Help You in Your Career?
  • In the end, it will help you to get your dream job.

  • It will make you confident in your work and life.

  • It will you establish good relations with your clients and customers.

The Course Curriculum

Class Number Topic/Module Sub topics Date


Basics of English --
2 Basics of English --


Determiners, A, An --
4 The and Usage --
5 Doubt Session --


Time, Location
7 Space, Place
8 Practice Session 1
9 Vocabulary Vocabulary Session 1
10 Doubt Session


Definition, Examples
12 Kinds, Usage
13 Practice Session 2
14 Phrases Session 1
15 Doubt Sessions


Present Tense
17 Past Tense
18 Future Tense
19 Revision
20 Doubt Session

Direct and Indirect Voice

Definition & Examples
22 Usage
23 Practice Session 3
24 Vocabulary Session 2
25 Doubt Session
26 Common Plural Spellings, Pronunciation
27 Collective Nouns Definition & Examples


List of Collective Nouns
29 Session 2
30 Doubt Session


32 Preparation


How to present, answer
34 Types of Questions asked
35 Doubt Session
36 Email How to write Formal Emails
37 Active & Passive Voice Definition, Examples


39 Session 4
40 Doubt Session
41 Vocabulary Session 3
42 Phrases Session 3
43 Pronunciation Pronunciation
44 Practice Session 4
45 Doubt Session
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Caroline M Varghese

English has always been a very frightening section whether it's Spoken English or Grammar but little do people know that if worked consistently in the right direction, there is nothing as easy as English. I have done my Masters from St Xavier’s College and also have a B.Ed Degree. I have travelled across the country for different events related to English. I have been teaching English for the past 5 years and have come across thousands of students. I know the perils of your heart and trust me have solutions for all of them. I have taught in organisations like Matippu, Vocab24 and now I’m coming here to teach you all about English that would be important for you. I assure you, by the end of the course you will confident of your English.

1 Course 250 Students
English Speaking Course By Carol Ma'am

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