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Blockchain Course

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Blockchain Course


Become an expert in Blockchain Development by diving deep into the nuances of building smart contracts, decentralized systems, Bitcoin, Ethereum framework, NFTs, Metaverse and industry use cases to take your career in Blockchain to the next level.

The demand for blockchain professionals is rising every year due to the existing skills gap and the rising requirements of de-centralized systems. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the computer and information technology field are projected to grow by 11% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is driven by the continued expansion of technology, including the adoption of blockchain technology in various industries. Designed to give recent graduates and experienced professionals an extensive holistic education, this Blockchain Program is a blend of online self-paced videos, live virtual classes, hands-on projects, and labs, with mentorship sessions to provide a high-engagement learning experience and real-world applications to help you master essential Blockchain Development skills.

Why choose to be a cyber security professional?

  • Students will understand and develop smart contracts required for Blockchain applications
  • Students will understand various frameworks and how to apply them in projects.
  • Students will learn about NFTs, Metaverse, Web3, and various industry applications of Blockchain.
  • Besides that, there are also quite high pay packages that are available. The packages are high because the responsibilities of a Block Chain professional are quite high as well.

  • Besides the above two obvious reasons the other reasons to pursue this career are listed below:

  • Growth

The growth factor is incredible in this field and you can grow in both the verticals of career and learning and that’s what makes it incredible.

You need to be good at all the skill sets and not only the security part but also in all other verticals such as network, hardware, storage, etc. 

Every day is a fresh challenge in the world of Vlock Chain. You must keep updating yourself with the virus definitions and keep yourself abreast of the latest involvements of hackers.

With so many opportunities there is no stopping for the growth curve.

  • Variety

You don’t have any dearth of opportunities with Block Chain. There are plenty of technologies that are there for you to expertise in. 

  • Impact

Provide guidance to organizations looking to implement blockchain technology, helping them to identify use cases, select appropriate platforms, and design effective solutions.

Who should take this course?

Anyone qualified to do it can take it up. The prerequisites for this course are in the following:

  • 10+2 level from any recognized board

  • A bachelor’s degree in IT or any related field such as IT or computer science and an experience of about 2 years

  • Basic know-how of various OS such as UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems

  • Certifications in networking and/or ethical hacking

  • Knowledge programming languages

If you are looking to be a Block Chain professional and want to take up this challenging yet enjoyable career option then you need to have the qualifications mentioned above. 

Why take a Block Chain professional course at Skill24?

Skill24 is a leading institute in the field of imparting training and certifications. It is a well-known institute and is also a recognized one. There are many reasons to choose Skill24 for your professional needs, particularly the cyber security professional Ethical hacking certification.

Program Highlights

It is good to know the program highlights before you start with anything. In the same lines in Skill24the program has the following features:

  • Training imparted is online and it is live so that your convenience is not compromised

  • There are tons of learning materials, handouts, and model question papers for you so that you do not miss out on any course details

  • You will get round-the-clock assistance available to you. You can also have access to the recorded live classes and doubts learning sessions

  • Training with hands-on experience with projects and renowned trainers from the industry

  • At the last, there is job assistance as well for a complete package for students

If you are interested in Block Chain certification then you have made the right decision. It is indispensable to have a certification if you want to start a career in Block Chain

Why Skill24?

Learn from the greatest faculty around the world.

25000+ 10 250+ 500+

Hiring Partners

We Assure You of Job Assistance at the End of the Program.

The course Curriculum

Module Topics



History of Blockchain
Cryptography, Public & Private Blockchain
Bitcoin, Ethereum Framework


Introduction to Smart Contracts
Understand and Build Smart Contracts
Understanding Decentralized Finance
Decentralized Exchanges, Lending &
Borrowing Platforms


Overview, Types and Use Cases of NFTs
Understanding Metaverse and its use cases
with GameFi, DeFi and others
Overview of Web3
Why is Web3 so popular today?


Understanding Blockchain Governance, DAOs
and governance systems
How to make Blockchain scalable and secure
Use Cases of Blockchain in the industry



Internship Project
Profile Building - GitHub, Blogs, Hackathons
How to boost LinkedIn profile
Career Counselling
Interview Preparation
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Blockchain Course

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